Producers of Bespoke Artificial Plant Walls, Moss Art, Artificial Trees and Artificial Hedges

We are closed from the 24th December 2018 until 2nd January 2019

Bright Green is an Innovative Interior and Exterior Landscaping Company offering: 

Artificial Plant Walls - the UK's Original Manufacturer of the Artificial Green Wall.  Each Artificial Green Wall is Designed, Manufactured, Installed and Exported throughout the UK and Overseas by ourselves.
Moss Walls and Moss Art -  Designed and manufactured in-house, each one is unique to the location.
Living Walls - Living Wall Systems for Interior and Exterior, with a full maintenance programme.
Artificial Trees and Palms - We manufacture our own artificial trees and palms for interior locations along with exterior grade artificial topiary and hedges.  30 years of experience.
Artificial Herb Pots and Artificial Hanging Plants - We create displays for the restaurant and hotel industry
Office Plants - Live or Artificial Plant Rental Schemes, Purchase Only or Maintenance Only options.

Some of the locations we have supplied:

Installation Locations

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