Bright Green source and supply a wide range of Interior and Exterior Planters in a wide variety of Material, Shapes, Sizes, Colours and Finishes.  Below are just a few examples of the most popular, other styles and materials are possible.

We vary rarely hold stock at our Oxfordshire Office as many of these planters are made to order or are available in so many colours and sizes its impossible for us to hold everything.  As a rule of thumb most items that are made to order have a 3-4 week leadtime and other items are available within 7-10 working days.

If you have any bespoke requirement please do contact us on 01295 750205/408840 or request a quote.

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  • Cement Planters

    These solid looking planters are great for Interior or Exterior Use, they are surprising light weight for their size as they are made from Cement!

  • Fiberstone Planters

    Fiberstone Planters are a composite product, they are made up of Fiberglass and Stone Powder.  They are a durable planter that can be used indoors and out.  As these are made from Stone powder, each planter is unique in its appearance.  We offer a generous variety of Small and Large planters with XXL dimensions. These planters are heavier than the Ficonstone, but lighter than natural stone.

  • Ceramic Planters

    Ceramic Planters are a great traditional staple planter which can be used for Interior or Exterior Locations.  There are so many different styles and shapes available that we can't list them all, so we are showing the most popular.  We don't hold stock at our Oxfordshire office due to the volume of planters that we offer and colour and size options however these are generally available within 7-10 working days.

  • Fibreglass Planters

    Fibreglass is a strong, lightweight and flexible material, well suited to manufacturing large and sometimes complicated shaped Planters. We produce many different designs and all are available in any RAL colour in matt, satin or gloss finishes and also a range of special finishes including stone, silver, bronze, verdigris and rust.

    As our fibreglass is UK made, we can manufacture bespoke sizes(there may be minimum orders).

  • Ficonstone Planters

    Ficonstone is a composite material that is light weight, it is made up of Fibreglass, Cement, Sand and finely ground Stone.  Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use in any weather.

  • Metal Planters

    Incorporating Metal Planters into a new garden design at the outset gives you plenty of scope to change planting heights or delineate different parts of the garden. We can accommodate pretty much any size and shape of planter in metal as the majority is made in the UK or Europe, so bespoke sizes are easy.

    We manufacture in stainless steel, Corten (naturally rusty), hot dip galvanised or powder coated mild steel and pre-galvanised steel, which can also be powder coated. Please see our products below and don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like us to quote on a specific project.

  • Ironstone Planters

    The Ironstone Range of Planters are all handmade with Clay which has a salt glaze, within the manufacture process they are given a unique weathered finish.

    Please note, all measurements given are approximate, the margin between the size spec and what is made it can differ by 20% because of the way they are manufactured.

  • Resin Planters

    Resin Planters have the look and feel of Stone, but not the weight or cost.  Use for Interior or Exterior locations using Live or Replica Planting.  We generally don't hold stock at our Oxfordshire office due to the volume of planters that we offer, however these are generally available within 7-10 working days.

  • Polymer Concrete Planters

    This is a small range of large strong durable planters that can be used inside or out.  The style of these planters is clean smooth moulded shapes.

    Polymer Concrete is made from a resin mixed with natural materials such as Basalt, Granite and Quartz.  This material is 100% waterproof and fully frost hardy.

    Not all shapes available are shown on our website.

  • Synthetic Planters

    Interior Grade Synthetic Planters come in all shapes, sizes and colours and there should be something here to suit most locations.  Within this section we are only show casing a few examples of what we can supply, please contact us if you have specifications that you need to meet.

  • Wooden Planters

    Wooden Planters are a classic staple, but over the years the types of wood used has increased and styles have changed to accommodate this.