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Bright Green are Exterior Artificial Green Wall and Artificial Screening Specialists.  We use the most realistic exterior UV Stable Foliages possible for our Artificial Green Walls.  Each Artificial Green Wall is designed to meet your needs at the location.  We are happy working in tricky locations or creating green walls to fit a particular space.  Our Exterior Artificial Green Walls Wind Tested to 70 miles per hour. 

We have our own installation team that cover the UK that are very experienced, fully trained and carry CSCS certification.  

View some of our Exterior Artificial Green Wall projects here

We also manufacture Artificial Green Walls for Interiors, Moss Walls and Moss Wall Art for Interiors.

If you have any projects in mind or require samples do contact us to discuss on:01295 750077 or   

Supply UK and Overseas. Trade Only

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  • Artificial Green Walls offer an alternative to Living Walls. We design and manufacture each Artificial Plant Wall with exterior grade foliages that have been wind tested to 70 mph. Artificial Walls are ideal where living walls are not possible due to the environment. From £522.00 inc VAT per sq mtr(ex delivery and installation) View some of our projects

  • Our Artificial Hedge Screening is made by hand with quality Exterior Grade Artificial Boxwood Foliage.  All of our Artificial Screening is Custom Made, so any shape or size is possible. Artificial Screening can be used to hide unsightly areas or used to soften the aesthetics of walling or fencing. Contact us for a quote View some completed jobs

  • This exterior UV Artificial Mix mat has a dense 3d look with 3 different foliages. The artificial foliages included in this mat are: Ferns, Ivy & a light green pitosporum. We can supply this as an Artificial Screen, Green Wall or Artificial Hedge. From £312 a square metre (applied to mesh) (excl. delivery and installation) Also see Artificial Green...

  • Our Artificial Ivy Screen has a dense 3d look with several different sized leaves which make it more realistic, the foliage is UV stable.  We can apply this to Mesh or Stokboard for screening or create artificial hedging. From £260 a square metre (mesh) (excluding delivery and installation) Contact us to discuss your requirements 01295 750077  Also see...

  • This exterior UV Artificial Photinia has a dense 3d look, it has a dark green tonal leaves with splashes of red. We can create Artificial Screening or Hedging.  We can supply this applied to Mesh or Board. From £260 a square metre (mesh) (excludes delivery & installation) Also see Artificial Green Walls for Exteriors

  • This exterior UV Artificial Prunus has a dense 3d look with tonal colours which make it more realistic.  We can supply this as artificial screening, Green Walls or Artificial Hedging.  From £260 a square metre (applied to mesh) (excluding delivery & installation) Also see Artificial Green Walls for Exteriors

  • The Green Wall Ascent is a universal items that can be fixed against a wall in single or multiple units or on the ground as a freestanding area divider trough.  The Ascent can be used both inside and out and we can supply them planted with Live or Artificial Plants (UV, Non FR or FR) for commercial or public spaces. This item is self-assembly.L 100xH...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items