If you are looking for something a little different and very contemporary then maybe Stems are the way to go.  We are able to source many different types of wood that can be used as a form of screening, as a centre piece or just as an alternative to a live or artificial display.  We have a selection of common possibilities below, however if you have a specific design requirement please do contact us to discuss 01295 750077  

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  • We supply Bamboo canes and poles in a variety of diameters and lengths. Poles can be natural in colour, speckled brown or stained black or any colour to suit

  • Ghostwood is usually sandblasted to give it a smooth golden colour. It makes a stunning display in a tall planter. Each piece is highly individual in style and is uniquely priced so please contact us for a quotation.

  • Manzanita is a tropical hardwood. In its natural state it is dark burgundy brown in colour but is often sandbalsted to give it a lighter colour. Each piece is unique so please ring for a quotation

  • Mitsumata stems come in a range of colours and finishes. The natural colour is the most popular but they are available in lime green, burgundy, black and red. They can alos be easily sprayed to get the right colour.  They are approx 900mm tall and come in a pack of 3 stems.  Please ring for a quotation

  • We can produce these Sandblasted trees using many different types of wood taken from managed woodlands.  So any height or size is possible.  The picture is showing a Sandblasted Hawthorn Stem.

  • Tortured or twisted Willow stems come from the Salix Tortuosa tree. Stems can be highly twisted (harvested from English trees) or more upright (sourced from Europe).  Supply can be seasonal as they are generally not harvested while the trees are in leaf.  Height between 150 and 220cm Please ring for a quotation

  • Vine wood is real grape vine wood from French vineyards. Once the plant becomes unproductive the wood is cut and we buy the stems.  It can be left in its raw state with bark or stripped for a smoother finish. We use this wood to make feature Bonsai and Cloud trees. Please ring for a quotation

  • Bare trees or Ghost trees are becoming very popular particularly white artificial trees. We make them to order with real wood so you can specify the exact shape, style and colour you want. Great for exhibitions, weddings and events.  We can plant these into a pot or set them onto a metal plate. Please ring for a quotation.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items