Small Artificial Trees up to 2.4m

Our Small Artificial Trees are crafted using sustainable real stems. We have been creating Small Artificial Trees for 30 years in our UK Workshop, any shape or size is possible.

In this section we showcase our manufactured Trees up to 2.4 metres tall. If your are looking for something bigger, take a look at our Large Artificial Trees.

We can create Artificial Trees with different foliage's, the most popular being Birch and Artificial Blossom.    

Our Trees come set into small non decorative pots, but we can source decorative planters which means we can supply you with a complete display ready for use in the desired location.

Some of our completed projects can be viewed in our Artificial Tree Gallery.

If you have any questions about our Artificial Trees contact:

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  • Artificial Bonsai can be made to any shape or size, from the small table top to the Large Cloud Tree design.  Each Artificial Bonsai is made to order by our skilled team using an array of Preserved or Artificial Foliages to suit your requirements.  We can supply planted up into an agreed plant pot for you so that you receive a complete item.

  • We manufacture all of our Artificial Bay Cones by hand in our Workshop, each one is made to order to the spec require so any height or diameter is possible.  The bay cone looks fantastic as exterior entrance decoration for Office and Commercial Premises.  We use UV stable foliage to create our exterior grade topiary. Trade Only

  • We manufacture all of our Artificial Topiary Bay Trees ourselves to order, this means that we can create them at any height with any sized diameter head.  In general a Bay Standard has a clear stem and a round head over three quarters of the way up from the ground.  Each Artificial Bay Tree is made using natural coppiced Hazel Stems. Trade Only 

  • The Artificial Birch Trees are one of our most popular artificial trees (particularly as a Large Artificial Birch). We make every tree to order on Ash Stems, you can specify each aspect of the tree including height, width and canopy style. Foliage can be standard or fire rated. Trees come set into small pots but we can supply a range of decorative...

  • This Artificial Tree is made with Black Olive Fabric Foliage, it gives a lush green look to any interior location. Black Olive makes an excellent tree and is sadly under used.  It works particularly well as a layered tree and is a good alternative to the Acer Maple.  Each Artificial Tree is Custom Made by us, so any size or shape is possible. Trade Only

  • We manufacture our own Artificial Blossom Trees. Each Blossom Tree is made to order so they are all unique and made with real wood stems and foliated with either pink or white cream blossom. We use Apple Blossom but Cherry Blossom is also available.  Stems can be left natural or stained dark for more impact. Trade Only

  • These decorative artificial trees have flowers within the artificial foliage, it creates something that is totally different and very summery all year round.  We are UK Manufacturers of Artificial Trees and have been for over 20 years, we have the experience and skill to build any shape and any height fake tree.

  • Our Artificial Trees are made by hand, so each one is unique.  Red Maple Trees are a great decorative Artificial Tree due to the colour of the foliage.  Traditionally we build on ash stems and stain them dark to add to the effect or we can leave them natural.  As we build to order we can produce different shapes to suit different environments such as the...

  • The Artificial Boxwood 'Standard' Topiary can be made to order to any height or diameter head as we manufacture to order.  The term Standard is defined by the long clear wooden stem.  To complete the display we can provide the Boxwood Standard in a decorative planter to complete the look.  Contact us for a quote or send us your spec:

  • Our Artificial Trees with Camellia foliage makes a classic English woodland style Tree. It has a small dark green serrated leaf which can be fire rated if required. All of our artificial trees are made to order here in Oxfordshire so your tree is unique to you in shape and style and hasn't been mass produced in the Far East. Trade Only

  • Artificial Trees with Capensia foliage are very distinctive, the capensia foliage has a two tone leaf with a dark green upper and a burgundy underside.  Stems can be left natural in colour or stained darker to make a dark, dramatic artificial tree. Foliage is fire rated as standard. We make these artificial trees to order so please contact us for details. 

  • Artificial Trees with Ficus Foliage is a great alternative to the live plants as they are not suitable or all locations.  Artificial Ficus Trees have mid green fabric leaves and have a pointed tip to each leaf. Flame retardant and Non flame retardant options available. We bespoke make Artificial Ficus Trees in every shape and size; from small trees for...

  • This Artificial Tree is made with Artificial Fruited Olive foliage. The Olive Foliage has improved over the years it is now available in UV (ideal for outside), it is also available as a Fire Retardant form so ideal for Restaurants.  Each of our Artificial Trees is made by hand on coppiced stems taken from managed local woodlands.

  • Realistic Artificial Trees are ideal for your Office or Commercial Space as they only require a 6 monthly clean.  This Artificial Tree has Green Maple Foliage that can be built in many different shapes.  The Foliage is light and airy so it can still be seen through.  They look great as smaller trees in larger planters or made as large artificial trees.

  • Artificial Trees are very popular in UK Commercial Premises and Retail Areas, this Artificial Tree is made with Green Red Maple Foliage which has a red vein running through each leaf.  These Trees are ideal for areas where Fire Rating are required.  As we build each tree to order we can create any shape any height to meet your spec.

  • Artificial Longifolia Mophead Trees are hand crafted in the UK by our team of experienced staff that have over 20 years tree building experience.  Our Artificial Trees are built on locally sourced coppiced sustainable wooden stems. The Longifolia has long dark green finger like leaves.

  • Our Artificial Trees are all made to order, we have created this decorative tree that uses Coffee Wood for the stem which creates a contemporary look and looks great in tall planters.  The longifolia foliage has long finger like fabric leaves which are flameretardant.

  • Artificial Trees made with Artificial Longifolia Foliage.  This foliage is long and finger like rather than rounded leaves.  We use real wooden stems and build to a standard or custom specification to suit any interior location.  A standard artificial tree is measured from the ground to the top of the foliage for the height, the foliage starts half way up...

  • We build all of our Artificial Trees by hand, each tree is built for you to your specific requirements using this tropical looking mango foliage (artificial fruits are available), we can supply the plants or source and plant up for you in your chosen planter. 

  • Preserved conifers are real plants that have been preserved with natural ingredients so that they no longer need water or light to survive. They cannot be located outside but will be happy in any interior location provide it is not too humid. Plants up to 2 metres in height are a single conifer, over 2 metres in height are made to order.

  • The Preserved Nicoly Double Ball Trees are build by hand in the UK, this shape creates a decorative feature that doesn't require any water!  As the foliage is preserved it means that it has grown, been harvested and preserved using glycerine and dyes.

  • Preserved Nicoly Trees are the most realistic Artificial Tree you can get, no fake foliage can compare to the use of Preserved.  The foliage for this tree is delicate and is not ideal for high foot traffic locations.  We build all of our Artificial Trees on Coppiced Locally Sourced Wood taken from managed woodlands.

  • This Artificial Tree has a two tone Foliage called Reflexa (Song of India).  It is a great style of tree that has a compact design as the foliage is upright, which is very distinctive.  It is also eye catching due to the variegated artificial leaves.  The most modern way to have an artificial reflexa tree is by having it built on small stems and planting...

  • We can produce these Sandblasted trees using many different types of wood taken from managed woodlands.  So any height or size is possible.  The picture is showing a Sandblasted Hawthorn Stem.

  • This realistic artificial tree is made by hand in our workshop using quality artificial Smilax foliage.  We can manufacture artificial trees, hedges and topiary to any style, shape and height.  We have a dedicated Tree Building team that have over 20 years experience.  Installation service also available.

  • We manufacture this Artificial Tree, it has a double head with artificial smilax foliage.  It is made by hand using sustainable sourced wooden stems taken from managed woodlands locally.  The foliated heads are placed one at the top and one half way down so that there is clear stem between them.  As we build to order any shape, style or height is possible.

  • Artificial Trees with Smilax foliage in a Mophead style have a clear stem three quarters of the way up from the ground, we build this particular Artificial Tree using Smilax foliage.  This foliage is very decorative which creates a nice soft shape and looks just as nice as a large tree design as well as smaller trees up to 2.4 metres.  Each Tree is made...

Showing 1 - 27 of 30 items