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We manufacture all of our Artificial & Preserved Decorative Topiary for Interior locations using Preserved and Artificial Foliage's.  These make fantastic decorative eye catching displays that are truly bespoke so any shape or size is possible.

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  • Moss Balls are increasingly popular either as a form of decoration in a planter or have hanging.  As we provide a bespoke service we can manufacture any size and with any type of Preserved Moss - Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss or Flat Moss.  Contact us to discuss.   Interior use only. See also Moss Walls, Moss Letters and Moss Wall Art

  • Realistic Interior Preserved Decorative Topiary using Preserved Moss, it is real moss that has been treated with natural ingredients so that it no longer needs light or water to survive.  It looks and feels like fresh moss.  We can manufacture any shape or size by hand. Interior use only. Also see Moss Walls, Moss Letters and Moss Art Gallery of Preserved...

  • We can create colourful interior topiary using Preserved Hydrangea Heads to any shape or size.  Each display is made by hand.  The Hydrangea has been preserved using 100% plant based non toxic formula.  There are lots of colours to choose from.  As these are preserved they require no water, just a light dusting.

  • We can manufacture decorative preserved topiary shapes for Interior locations using Preserved Lambs Ear.  This preserved leaf is small and very tactile due to its soft appearance.  Any size or shape is possible as each leaf if applied by hand to the shape we have crafted (interior use only).

  • We manufacture all of our Artificial Topiary by hand, included in this range is the Interior Preserved Magnolia Leaf Topiary.  The preserved magnolia leaf is available in burgundy and green and is quite a large leaf that has a leathery look.  Preserved Topiary is delicate and is not ideally suited for high foot traffic areas.

  • The Preserved Nicoly Double Ball Trees are build by hand in the UK, this shape creates a decorative feature that doesn't require any water!  As the foliage is preserved it means that it has grown, been harvested and preserved using glycerine and dyes.

  • Preserved Pittirporum leaf topiary is hand made to order in any shape or size. The foliage is preserved using 100% natural ingredients, so no watering required, just the odd light dusting. Interior use only 

  • Preserved Pittisporum is a real foliage that has been treated with natural ingredients so that is doesn't wilt or die but doesnn't need water or light - just dusting. For interior use only.   We make any size or shape topiary to suit in either green or red foliage.

  • Preserved Salal Leaf Topiary is made by hand where we craft the agreed shape and apply each Salal Leaf by hand.  Any shape or size is possible and the images showing are as a guide as to what we can produce.  The foliage is preserved using 100% Plant Glycerine and dyes (all non toxic), they aren't crispy or dry and require no water, just dusting off...

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items