Large Artificial Trees from 2.5m

Our Realistic Large Artificial Trees are all made by hand in our Barn in Oxfordshire, each Large Artificial Tree is built specifically for you and its location. We build our Realistic Artificial Trees on natural sustainable stems that are taken from managed woodlands locally.  We can build each large artificial tree using multiple stems, single stems or even in kit form.  We have a wide selection of foliages that can be used, the most common being Artificial Birch and Artificial Blossom Trees.  We can also provide Artificial Trees with Flame Retardant foliage if the Artificial Tree is to be located in a public area like. Any shape, Height or Width Possible.

If you are looking for something smaller, have a look at our Artificial Trees up to 2.4 metres, or take a look at our Gallery for some of our completed projects.

Bright Green also provides and delivery and installation service across the UK if required.

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  • Large Artificial Trees made to order with tonal Dark Green foliage on the topside and a burgundy underside.  We generally build our artificial trees using several stems in order to create a great canopy, we can also build using single stems and drilling extra branches in to create a canopy. In general we stain the stems darker for our Capensia trees so it...

  • Large Artificial Trees made to order with Ficus foliage in the UK to any height or shape using sustainable coppiced ash stems from local woodlands.  In general we build using multi stems, however we can provide single stem options.  Artificial Ficus foliage is available in Non Flame Retardant and Flameretardant options.

  • We manufacture our own Large Artificial Trees, this one is the Fruited Olive Tree. We generally build each tree using several Ash stems, we can also build using single trunks or resin dependent on your requirements.  As we build to order any shape or height is possible.  The Foliage also has artificial fruits attached to it so may not be suitable for...

  • The large artificial tree with Longifolia foliage is great if impact is required, it is a dark green foliage that has long finger like leaves which creates a mid density tree as standard.  We can produce Artificial Trees to any height or shape in our workshop in north Oxfordshire.  We build these artificial trees on Coppiced Ash Trunks as standard, other...

  • Large Nicoly Trees are the most Realistic Artificial Trees you can get as they are made with Preserved Foliage.  We manufacture these trees ourselves using Ash stems which are coppiced from managed woodlands.  We use preserved Nicoly foliage that has been preserved using 100% Natural Plant Based Glycerine so the foliage still feels like its alive.  

  • We manufacture Large Artificial Trees to order, in this range we include an Artificial Reflexa Tree, also known as Song of India.  We can manufacture on Natural wooden stems or on to moulded resin stems dependent on the shape and style that you require.  As we build to order any shape or height is possible.  The reflexa foliage is upright and is two tone.

  • This Large Artificial Tree is made with Smilax foliage, it creates a light and airy design.  We manufacture Large Artificial Trees here in Oxfordshire to any specification which includes single and multi stemmed trees, flat canopies, wide canopies, to fit into tree pits, planters or base plates. The Artificial Smilax Foliage is dark green with lighter...

  • We manufacture Large Artificial Trees with Wisteria foliage to any height or shape using natural sustainable wood which is taken from managed woodlands or even synthetic trunks if you are looking for something a little different.  We can manufacture, supply and install these spectacular artificial trees throughout the UK.

  • Preserved conifers are real plants that have been preserved with natural ingredients so that they no longer need water or light to survive. They cannot be located outside but will be happy in any interior location provide it is not too humid. Plants up to 2 metres in height are a single conifer, over 2 metres in height are made to order.

  • We can produce these Sandblasted trees using many different types of wood taken from managed woodlands.  So any height or size is possible.  The picture is showing a Sandblasted Hawthorn Stem.

  • Bare trees or Ghost trees are becoming very popular particularly white artificial trees. We make them to order with real wood so you can specify the exact shape, style and colour you want. Great for exhibitions, weddings and events.  We can plant these into a pot or set them onto a metal plate. Please ring for a quotation.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items