Artificial Palm Trees

We manufacture our own Interior Artificial Palm Trees to order, this means that any height is possible, trunk styles and shapes can be variable too, from straight to tapered to curved.  This can then be complemented by either Artificial or Preserved Palm Leaves.  We can provide a supply only, installation service or export service to overseas locations.

We supply Designers, Architects, Shopping Centres, Airports and Commercial Locations.

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  • UK Hand Built Artificial Palms using quality Fabric Areca Foliage and canes.  As we manufacture to order which enables us to supply any height.  The Areca Palms have a light and airy look and which looks great as individual plants or as a form of Interior soft screening.  We can supply the finished product pre potted in a planter chosen by you if required.

  • Our Interior Artificial Chinese Fan Palms have artificial foliage and hand made coco fibre trunks.  As they are made to order we can make them with a single, double or treble stems that are all the same height or varied.  We can also supply them potted and top dressed in a pot of your choice from our range.

  • Custom made Artificial Coco Palm Trees are built by hand by us, they have Artificial Fabric Coco Palm Fronds which sit neatly into the Palm Head.  The trunks can be straight, tapered and or curved.  We can also make them so that they fit onto a base plate that can be bolted to the ground or into a planter or pit.   Any Size Possible, UK Delivery &...

  • These Artificial Kentia Palms are very realistic.  There are 3 sizes possible and we can supply them potted up into planters with a top dressing.  These items are Ready Made.

  • We manufacture these low level Interior Artificial Palms that have a natural agave trunk and Preserved Flameretardant Phoenix Leaves.  These are great if space is tight or you are looking for something a little bit different. 

  • Handmade Artificial Palm Trees with Preserved Phoenix leaves are the most Realistic Large Artificial Palms you can get. Our Artificial Palm Trees are handmade so any height is possible with straight, curved or tapered trunks. The Phoenix Leaves are Flameretardant and the trunks are Natural Boot Husk.  Prices are for the standard straight trunk (27cm diam).

  • These Interior Artificial Rhapis Palms have dark green fabric foliage, there are several heights available and look very contemporary planted in a tall planter.  They also make great Artificial Screening plants is placed into a trough or in a row of tall slender planters.

  • These Fake Palm Trees are made to order by hand in our workshop.  We can build to any height, with a taper or without, straight or curved trunks.  The trunk is made with boothusk which is the most natural you can get with a standard trunk diam of 27cm.  The Washingtonia Palm Fronds are preserved so they won't wilt or die and are flameretardant.  Minimum...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items