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  • Alocasia Calidora is an Interior Office Plant with a dramatic look due to the large leaves on the plant.  It doesn't have many leaves but they can be very large. Needs plenty of space and good light.  Can be tempremental. Trade Only

  • This giant leaved plant needs plenty of space.  We don't use many of these as frankly the artificial version is very good but if you are feeling ambitious give it a go.  Trade Only

  • Classic Victorian houseplant. Will tolerate low lights and thrives on neglect.  Almost impossible to kill! Plants generally don't have many leaves so are grouped together to make a good display. Most of the images will show groupings of plants. Typically a 50cm tall plant will have between 4 and 7 leaves and a 90cm plant will have 9 to 10 leaves.  Trade Only

  • Our Interior Office Plant range includes the Ficus Lyrata, it is more commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig. This form has a single stem and a large head of large leaves.  Needs good light and plenty of space and s is really quite easy to look after. Trade only - Currently out of stock Plants by quotation. Pots are available separately.

  • This old favourite - the Rubber Plant - is back in fashion again, either in this form as a low multi stemmed bush or as a Mop Head (ask for details).  It has large glossy dark green leaves and needs good light to thrive. Price does not include any decorative pots. Trade Only

  • The Howea Forsteriana Palm (also known as a Kentia Palm) is the favourite palm for interior landscapers.  It is a tough plant and will be happy in most mid to low light conditions.  A new plant will be quite upright but in time the palm will spread wider. This is the classic sized plant but wee also the deluxe size for a really busy plant.  Trade Only

  • Monstera Pertusum is a Cheese Plant. After years in the wilderness this is back in fashion both in this version and the smaller leaved Monstera Piccola. Grown on a central moss pole. Glossy mid green leaves.  Good to medium light.  Trade Only

  • Philodendron are very useful plants as they will generally tolerate lower light levels. Imperial green is one of the best of the larger leaved Philodendrons with its glossy dark green leaves. Prices ar for plant only - decorative pots are sold separately. Trade Only

  • In their natural habitat Philodendrons cling to the branches of forest trees under the tree canopy so they will generally tolerate lower light levels.  Philodendron Red Emerald has very dark green heart shaped leaves with a burgundy underside. This variety has been grown on a mosspole for support.  Prices are for plant only - decoratave pots are sold...

  • Philodendron Scandens is commonly known as the sweetheart plant because of its heart shaped leaves.  This form, grown on a mosspole, will tolerate quite low levels of light.  It is naturally a narrow plant. Prices are for plant only - decorative pots are sold separately. Trade Only

  • This fabulous serrated leaved plant is much underused. Often mistaken for a cheeseplant it has very large cut leaves that spread wide.  Best used in a tall planter where you want real impact and have plenty of space. Price is for plant only- decorative pots are available separately.  Trade Only

  • Xanadu is the smaller leaved version of the Philodendron Selloum. It  has a tighter, more compact shape and can be used in a taller planter or as a very large cabinet top plant.  Price is for plant only - decorative post are sold separately.  Trade Only

  • One of the smallest of the Peace Lilies. This little plant has dark green glossy leaves and white 'flowers'. Best if you add several together to make a large bowl or trough display. Keep well watered and in good light for a good flowering display. Price is for a single plant in a 9cm dia pot.  Trade Only

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items