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  • The Fish Tail Palm is an unusual palm that has leaves that resemble fish tails, hence the name.  Not as tough as the Kentia palm but still an easy to look after, low light palm. Image shows a very dense deluxe palm. Price is for a standard 180cm tall plant. For prices on other sizes please contact us.  Trade Only

  • From the parlour palm family this elegant palm is sadly little used. It will tolerate quite low light conditions and should be kept out of direct sunlight.  Trade Only

  • Not strictly a palm but part of the Cycad family. This plant deserves to be used more widely.   Ideally needs good light but we have used it successfully in medium to low light although it will elogate over time. Looks great as a desk top or in a tall floor standing planter.  Trade Only

  • The Howea Forsteriana Palm (also known as a Kentia Palm) is the favourite palm for interior landscapers.  It is a tough plant and will be happy in most mid to low light conditions.  A new plant will be quite upright but in time the palm will spread wider. This is the classic sized plant but wee also the deluxe size for a really busy plant.  Trade Only

  • The Kentia is more commonly used as a specimen palm but it works really well in this shorter version. It can be used as a single desk top palm or massed together in a trough or tall planter. Medium to low light. Very hardy. May get Red Spider Mite in direct sunlight Price is for a single plant only (image shows 3 plants per pot) - decorative pots are sold...

  • This deluxe sized Kentia palm has a minimum 10 plants per pot rather than the 6ppp on the classic palm. If you need a real statement palm that will be happy in most light locations than you can't get a better, tougher plant than this. Price is for plant only - decotative pots are sold separately.  Trade Only

  • Phoenix Roebelenii is one of the prettiest palms for interior use.  It has a central trunk and a head of finely serrated leaves.  It needs good light to survive and is a thirstly drinker so don't let it dry out.   150cm tall. Other sizes available (see images), please ask for details Prices are for plant only - decorative pots are sold separately.  Trade...

  • A double trunked palm with long trunks and light open heads of finely serrated leaves. Needs very good light and keep well watered otherwise an easy and impressive palm. Other sizes available. Prices are for plant only, decorative pots are available separately.  Trade Only

  • Phoenix Roebelenii Triple is a Triple headed palm. You need plenty of space and plenty of light for this spectacular palm. But if you water it well it is not difficult to care for.  Price for 150cm plant only, other sizes area available.   Trade Only

  • This Canary Island Date Palm in tropical regions will grow over 6 metres in height. This shorter version has tall spikey leaves that grow directly form the planter. Leaves can be sharp so treat with care. Keep in a cool environment and water sparingly in winter.  Trade Only

  • Rhapis Excelsa also known as Lady Palm is a dense palm with dark serrated tipped leaves.  It will tolerate lower light levels but does have a tendency to go brown at the tips. We always carry around a pair of pinking shears to keep it tidy. Trade Only

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items