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  • This dramatic Cacti has a rounded head of long grey green sword like leaves which end in a very sharp point. It needs good light but not much water. Can be prone to scale insect.  Trade Only

  • Aloe Vera is a great architectural succulent. It has fleshy upright leaves and sharp spikes.  Brilliant for burns - just break off a leaf and smear over burnt skin to prevent blistering. Needs good light and not too  much water. Trade Only

  • The Crassula is also known as the money plant. It is a classic retro plant that is back in style again. It can be used as a desk top but more frequently now seen in a tall floor standing planter and often in a group of 3. Needs good light and watch out for Mealy Bug.  Trade Only

  • This is the classic barrel cactus. Dark green ball with large yellow spines that are VERY sharp and can cause a reaction if they break the skin. Like all cacti they must have good light and very little water so make sure you locate right in a window and don't be tempted to water too often.  Trade Only

  • This indoor cactus is actually quite easy to look after. As long as you put it in very good light and resist the temptation to over water it then it will be an unusual and striking plant display.  Please be aware that it has sharp thorns and is not suitable in public locations or where children have access. Price is for plant only - decorative pots are...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items