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  • Aechmea Blue Rain is also known as the Greek Urn plant. This is a new variety of the classic grey green rosette plant. The tall flower spike has pink and blue colouring.  As with all rosette plants the flower will last a few weeks then die. The plant will grow side shoots that you can cut off and pot on for a new plant. Trade Only

  • Colourful flowering bush with dark green leaves and colourful spathes. We have red, pink, white and purple varieties. 45cm is suitable as a table top but for floor standing display the 65cm plant is a better size. Contact us to order. Trade Only

  • This is our favourite Christmas plant. Much better than the Poinsettia. Ardissia has a central stem with small green leaves and clusters of small red berries that will stay on the plant for months. Likes a coolish location. Great as an impressive present. Trade Only

  • We love this plant and use it extensively to give long lasting colour to displays. The long leaves have green, cream and pink variegation and fall gently forwards.  Available in 2 sizes. Can be used as a table top display or massed together in a floor standing planter. Trade Only

  • There are lots of varieties of Croton available. All need great light but can look very tropical. Please ask for details of shapes and sizes. Trade Only

  • The Croton Braided is a real stunner. It has an open braided stem with a head of variegated leaves. This is large enough to look striking in a tall slender planter. Needs great light otherwise the leaves will drop.  Other sizes available. Trade Only

  • Crotons have fabulously leaves in tones of yellow, orange and red. This is a truly tropical looking houseplant.  It needs great light otherwise it will drop its leaves.  Mrs Iceton tends to be more yellow in colour than many of the other Codiaeum family. Trade Only

  • Guzmania is a member of the Bromeliad family. These are rosette plants that in their natural habitat live on the branches of tropical forest trees and capture rain water on their large long leaves and channel it into the heart of the plant. They are a short lived plant but the flower spike should live 6 to 8 weeks before dying. Trade Only

  • Phalaenopsis Orchid is 60cm tall with a double flower spike Moth orchid. This is the white one but we can supply other colours. Price is for a single plant with 2 spikes. Trade Only

  • 90cm double spike white Moth orchid.  This is the best orchid for tall floor standing displays. Also available in other colours. Trade Only

  • This is the mini moth orchid. We love these and will mass them together in a bowl for a feature display. Just 35 cm tall. Trade Only

  • Bromeliad rosette plant with a single sword like flower spike and two tone leaves. This is a short lived plant that is useful for short term colour (4 to 6 weeks) before it needs to be replaced. Trade Only

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items