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  • This dramatic Cacti has a rounded head of long grey green sword like leaves which end in a very sharp point. It needs good light but not much water. Can be prone to scale insect.  Trade Only

  • The Aglaonema family is one of the most useful for interior landscapers. They all have interesting veriegated leaves but are hardy and will happily grow in low light conditions.  Price is for plant only - decorative pots are sold separately.  Trade Only

  • Aglaonema Marie is a great plant for a dark location. It has long dark green leaves with grey variegation. Slow growing and will keep quite low but very hardy and generally pest free.  Trade Only

  • Pink Jade is one the more decorative Aglaonemas. It is still a very hardy plant and all Evergreens are good for low light locations. Trade Only

  • This is our favourite Aglaonema. Also known as the evergreen it has grey green variegated leaves that start upright and gently fall over time.  It will happily live in quite low light conditions without any real problems.  Doesn't like to be too cold. Images show 2 plants in decorative pots which are sold separately. Trade Only

  • Aloe Vera is a great architectural succulent. It has fleshy upright leaves and sharp spikes.  Brilliant for burns - just break off a leaf and smear over burnt skin to prevent blistering. Needs good light and not too  much water. Trade Only

  • Pineapple plant. This unusual plant has a central spike with a real pineapple.  We have eaten them but cannot recommend it as this is not sold as a food only as a decorative item.  Trade Only

  • This is our favourite Christmas plant. Much better than the Poinsettia. Ardissia has a central stem with small green leaves and clusters of small red berries that will stay on the plant for months. Likes a coolish location. Great as an impressive present. Trade Only

  • If you want an interesting plant that looks like grass then this is the best plant to use. It is not a grass but has fine long leaves.  Mass together in a planter or a trough.  Mid light.  Trade Only

  • Chamaedorea Elegans also known as Parlour Palm.  This is our favourite small table top palm. It has small fine leaves and is happy in mid to low light. Keep away from direct light otherwise you are bound to get Red Spider Mite. Height approx 60cm Trade Only

  • This Dracaena has two tone green leaves and a short braided stem. Ideal as a table top plant or in a tall slender planter. Song of Jamaica will tolerate quite low light levels and is a tough plant - difficult to kill! Heights are approximate and are from floor to top of plant. Trade Only

  • Dracaena Surculosa aslo known as False Bamboo.  Bamboo never does well inside but this is a Dracaena and as such is an easy and un-fussy plant.  Leaves are mid green with yellow spotted variegation. A low clump of foliage with tall spires of new growth.  Medium to low light. Trade Only

  • Ficus Natasja. This little tree is the small leaf fig tree. It makes a pretty table top plant or mass them together to make a low hedge. All fig trees need good light so place close to a natural light source otherwise it will drop its leaves. Keep well watered. There may be a minimum quantity for order so contact us is you would like to order one of...

  • Monstera Pertusum is a Cheese Plant. After years in the wilderness this is back in fashion both in this version and the smaller leaved Monstera Piccola. Grown on a central moss pole. Glossy mid green leaves.  Good to medium light.  Trade Only

  • Smaller version of the classic cheeseplant. This is a clump forming plant of mid tone green leaves. Medium to good light. Trade Only

  • Phalaenopsis Orchid is 60cm tall with a double flower spike Moth orchid. This is the white one but we can supply other colours. Price is for a single plant with 2 spikes. Trade Only

  • This is the mini moth orchid. We love these and will mass them together in a bowl for a feature display. Just 35 cm tall. Trade Only

  • Sanseveria Hahnii is the short form of the mother in laws tongue. Used primarily in clumps together in a bowl or tall planter. It can be green or variegated (please specify which one you would like)  Price is for plant only, decorative pots are sold separately. Trade Only

  • A new introduction and a modern twist on the favourite mother in laws tongue.  Mikado is the best of the upright Sanseveria Cylindricas with a fine straight leaf. Heights range from 15 cm which is great for small bowls up to 60cm which can be a larger table top or used in a trough display Price is for a single plant only - decorative pots are available...

  • A full pot of variegated Dracaena Reflexa. Song of India has yellow variegated leaves. It is a very hardy plant and needs mid to high light but otherwise is trouble free. Trade Only

Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items