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Fibreglass is a strong, lightweight and flexible material, well suited to manufacturing large and sometimes complicated shaped Planters. We produce many different designs and all are available in any RAL colour in matt, satin or gloss finishes and also a range of special finishes including stone, silver, bronze, verdigris and rust.

As our fibreglass is UK made, we can manufacture bespoke sizes(there may be minimum orders).

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  • £ 504.93

    This interior grade modern planter is manufactured from natural Abaca Cord (Banana Fiber) which is finished in strong lightweight fiberglass.  Its is a light weight planter that looks fantastic in reception areas and large conservatory dining areas.  A liner is required if using Live plants.

    £ 504.93
  • £ 736.39

    This Modern Plant Pot has Banana leaves applied by hand which is finished with fiberglass with a laminated protected glossy finish.  No piece is the same and each is unique.  They are not suitable for exterior use.  Leadtime approx 7-10 working days. Material not suitable for outdoor use Handmade

    £ 736.39
  • £ 311.36

    The Beehive Vase is a tall planter which is a modern twist on a more traditional terracotta pot - these are either 90cm or 140cm tall and can be made in any RAL colour or a range of finishes - terracotta or Verdigris will look good. Put three of them (or 5) in a row on your terrace or patio planted with some lavender or phormium.

    £ 311.36
  • £ 514.50

    The Pandora Black Planter has a clean sleek shape that is shown off by the black gelcoat. The surface is made of lightweight fibreglass making it a durable product.  This planter is for interior use only as it is not waterproof.  If using with live plants liners should be used.  They are counter weighted to help stability and have false bases to help with...

    £ 514.50
  • £ 380.85

    The Geo Mosaic Black Planter is lightweight and has a surface covered with quadratic or rectangular cut pieces of stone.  These are all applied by hand to ensure accuracy and polished after they have all been applied so that the texture of the stone shines through.Handmade - Each piece is unique Not suitable for outdoor use

    £ 380.85
  • £ 541.75

    The Cappuccino Marble Geo Planter is made by hand, the surface has a series of precisely fitted polished square and rectangular stone pieces all over the fibreglass base.  The polishing brings out the colouring of the stone.Handmade - Each piece is unique Not suitable for outdoor use

    £ 541.75
  • £ 208.08

    These are fibreglass versions of ceramic originals, but with the added advantage that they are lightweight, frostproof and UV stable. They are available in any RAL colour and a range of special finishes, including terracotta. These tall planters are available in 5 sizes, from 51cm to 120cm high, but please note that the diameter is the maximum, not the...

    £ 208.08
  • £ 156.06

    This is a Low Round Tapered Planter, it is the fibreglass equivalent of the Stone Resin Couple - as I say in the Partner description, probably only worth buying if you must have a colour option other than the two available with the Stone Resin versions. That said, they are lightweight and frostproof and available up to 80cm diameter, so will take decent...

    £ 156.06
  • £ 347.11

    This Planter is made up of a unique mix of materials - Fibreglass and real aluminium powder, with the added benefit of the oxidation process the patina gives a natural look and feel.  Due to the fibreglass this planter is lightweight but very sturdy however it is not frost hardy. Not frost-resistant material Handmade - Each piece is unique Waterproof -...

    £ 347.11
  • £ 211.91

    The Fibreglass Cube or Square planter is a classic, simple shaped plant pot, the fibreglass is lightweight and frost proof. Available in sizes from 35cm to 120cm square in any RAL colour and a range of special finishes, these large planters will look great on any terrace or patio. We also have a matching range of trough planters and tall squares.

    £ 211.91
  • £ 663.26

    These lightweight curvy barrier troughs are great for use inside or out as they are strong and durable.  They have an interesting S shape rather than the traditional straight sided troughs.  All of the fibreglass planters are made to order, so they can be made to any RAL colour including Aged Lead, Portland Stone and even Terracotta.  Approx leadtime 3-4...

    £ 663.26
  • £ 403.00

    The Double Skin Cubes are made from a Fibreglass construction.  They are available in an array of bright colours which are all suitable for inside or out.

    £ 403.00
  • £ 1,277.00

    The Double Skin planters are an interesting alternative to the standard fibreglass troughs.  They can be left as a decorative pot or planted up with live or replica plants (we do advise that the plant is not too heavy).

    £ 1,277.00
  • £ 233.00

    The Double Skin Vase is of Fibreglass construction, it is available in an array of colours that will brighten up any corner.  They can be used inside or out and can be planted with Replica or Live planting, although we do advise that the plant is not too heavy.

    £ 233.00
  • £ 729.82

    If you are looking for a large planter to make a statement if you have just re-designed your garden, then the Tree planter will do the job. It's available in two sizes, 80cm and 180cm diameter, so will take a decent size tree if you are not able to plant it in the ground. Made from fibreglass, so they are available in any RAL colour and a range of special...

    £ 729.82
  • £ 218.80

    These square fibreglass planters made to look like riveted steel - only these are lightweight and won't rust. That said they look great, filled with plants in our rust finish - which uses real iron filings! Available in cubes, tall squares and two sizes of trough, these large fibreglass planters are great for patios and terraces if you are looking for an...

    £ 218.80
  • £ 400.86

    A traditional shaped planter manufactured from a modern material. This enables us to produce the Beehive in any RAL colour or a range of special finishes, including Terracotta, but remember these will be lightweight and frostproof. Manufactured in three sizes from 51cm diamater to 80cm diameter.

    £ 400.86
  • £ 340.43

    The Bell is another very large plant pot for big trees and large shrubs. It's used in more formal settings than many of our pots and comes in 3 sizes, from 60cm diameter to 150cm diameter. Tends to be made in more muted colours, it is possible to produce in any RAL colour and a range of special finishes - looks great in rust or terracotta.

    £ 340.43
  • £ 614.30

    Decorative unusual shaped planters made from Fibreglass can create great displays for large or small locations.  These planters can be made in any RAL colour so matching them to your theme or company colours isnt a problem.

    £ 614.30
  • £ 746.64

    This is our fibreglass version of a traditionally shaped large tree planter - it's 98cm diameter by 84cm high. Lightweight and frostproof, it's also available in any RAL colour or a range of special finishes such as stone, Terracotta or bronze.

    £ 746.64
  • £ 142.30

    These planters are in a Traditional design which look great as Balcony Planters or Entrance to your home or offices, they are made from fibreglass so they are lightweight and frost proof.  These planters are made to order so any RAL colour is possible.

    £ 142.30
  • £ 146.12

    The Provence is another of our planters which is traditionally shaped, but manufactured from a modern material. So, as a large garden planter it's available in any RAL colour and a range of special finishes (Terracotta for instance), yet it's lightweight and frostproof. Available from 37cm diameter to a 150cm diameter tree planter.

    £ 146.12
  • £ 353.00

    Available in a tall Vase shape as well, the bowl has two sizes, starting at 64cm diameter and is available in natural, brown red and green. These are imported pots so you may want to check on stock levels before ordering. If you have just completed your new garden design and want to put some finishing touches to your new patio, then these double skin...

    £ 353.00
  • £ 72.68

    Fibreglass Tower is a tall planter that will bring a new dimension to your garden or terrace. Despite being such large pots they are still relatively lightweight and frostproof. They can be made in any RAL colour and in a range of different finishes such as stone or rust. Available in sizes from 20cm to 180cm high, these might give you some new garden...

    £ 72.68
  • £ 172.13

    The Ying Yang Planters are great as you can use one of each for dual design or use them individually.  As these planters are made to order they can be produced in any RAL colour.

    £ 172.13
  • £ 816.26

    Similar to the other traditional style planters in our range, this one is 92cm diameter by 102cm high - a large pot suitable for a small tree. As it's fibreglass though it is lightweight and frostproof and available in any RAL colout and a range of special finishes. In Terracotta finish it would be hard to distinguish from the real thing.

    £ 816.26
  • £ 610.68

    This Tall Slim Vase is a combination of a pedestal and a vases, each one is handmade making it unique which is enhanced by the high gloss white finish. The Tall Slim Vase is stabilised by the painted MDF base, the upper vase is made of durable lightweight fibreglass. The Tall Vase is great for plants and floral arrangements inside as the planters are not...

    £ 610.68
Showing 1 - 27 of 44 items