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Illuminated Planters are fantastic, there are several styles and shapes available and in a rainbow of colours.  They are great for catching the attention of passers by so ideal for Retail areas.  These planters are not held in stock.

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  • The Bloom Pills have a double polyethylene wall which holds two energy-saving lamps.  The Planters have been fitted with a drainage hole so that excess rainwater can leave the planter.• Mechanized production• Double-walled polyethylene• Lightweight Lit Pots

  • The Lit Bloom Pots have double polyethylene walls with two energy-saving lamps. All of the sizes apart from the 40cm tall have a drainage hole so that excess rainwater can leave the planter.• Made from Double-walled polyethylene• Lightweight Planters

  • Serralunga pioneered the use of integral lights in planters, this range Bordato Lit Planters  are stunning and are suitable for internal and external use.  they are manufactured from rotationally moulded polyethylene and are strong, leightweight and tolerate sub zero temperatures. Serralunga have been producing stylish planters in contemporary shapes...

  • The Serralunga Cubotti planters are generally a low cube shape, however there is one in this style planter that is 37x37x90cm tall which gives you a tall tower like planter. All of the serralunga range are made from a robust polyethylene material which is frost hardy so it is suitable for exterior and interior locations.

  • The Lit Marcantonio is a tall planter in an unusual shape, it is available in 3 heights and is supplied in a translucent, almost white colour. The LED light bulb in the base, together with a remote control, enable you to scroll through the RGB spectrum to select whichever colour you wish. They are made from roto mooulded polyethylene so they are strong,...

  • These planters are manufactured from roto moulded polyetheylene and are strong, leightweight and fully frost hardy and are fitted with an LED Light in the Natural Coloured Planters.  Suitable for interior or exterior.

  • The Illuminated Pot Au Mur Planter will instantly provide you with a feature wall either inside or out, or use to illuminate poorly lit areas with the addition of having a decorative theme.  Suitable for Live or replica planting.  Please note that these planters have a internal planting depth of 40cm.

  • Square Lit Planters for Interior or Exterior use that are robust and fully frost hardy.  These planters are made from Polyethylene so they are fairly tough.  They are available in the 3 standard colours which are Red, Green and Neutral.  These planters are ordered in direct from Italy to order.

  • These Lit Serralunga Planters were designed by Luisa Bocchietto, with Serralunga they pioneered the use of integral lights in their stunning range of planters. The Serralunga lit planters are made from rotationally moulded polyethylene and are strong, leightweight and will tolerate sub zero temperatures.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items