Green Dividers

Create areas within an open plan office, restaurant, hotel or retail space with our UK Handmade Green Dividers.  The idea behind these is so that you are not creating a solid partition wall and keeping a see through link between sections or departments.

The Divider is supplied in kit form so you can decide how tall and where you require the troughs, these can be planted with Live or Artificial Plants.

The Mesh Shelving can be used as an area divider or back wall decorative shelving unit.  As it is made to order we can add a Wine rack, wooden or mesh shelves, with or without a mesh back and to any height.  If you require an eclectic mix of pots and plants for the unit take a look at our Plants in Pots.

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  • The Ascent is a Freestanding Divider for Commercial and Public Spaces. We can supply the units with Live or Artificial Plants making them a great fun product for Offices, Restaurants and Eateries (Interiors and Exteriors). Contact us for a quote.  This item is self-assembly. L 100xH 80cm  (4 units of 20cm H = overall height 80cm)

  • This is a Kit form area divider which is a great alternative to partitions as you can still see through the divider and planting but create a divide between areas. It can be planted with Artificial or Live Planting (with watering system) and can be supplied in several different heights.  Contact us to request a quote.

  • The Display Divider is a universal product that can be used for Area Dividers and Retail or Bar Display Units.  Each section is bespoke so you can have mesh back, wooden shelves, metal shelves, wine racks.....the possibilities are endless.  Request a quote To compliment your Shelving why not add an eclectic mix of Artificial Herb Pots

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items