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In 2011 we pioneered artificial living plant walls for interior and exterior locations and preserved moss walls for interiors. We remain the firm market leader with continuous innovation and new foliages offering greater realism and robust properties.

A Bright Green Artificial Living Wall is unique, it is not mass-produced in a factory but individually designed and made for its location within the design brief. Our panels are made in sections which are fixed together on-site to create the entire wall covering.

We work closely with our clients throughout the Design period to ensure that we provide exactly what is required.

We also provide Living Walls for suitable Interior Locations.

Bright Green provides an Installation or Export Service of our Artificial Living Walls throughout the UK and Overseas. 

Although the common terminology is for a Plant Wall,  we provide decorative panels which are not part of the wall, a building structure or supporting walls.  This does affect the Flame Retardancy rating if required as they are different standards.

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Interior Artificial Living Walls             Exterior Artificial Plant Walls         Interior Preserved Moss Walls

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  • Our Exterior Artificial Living Plant Walls have the most realistic UV stable (Certified) foliages.  These artificial plants are treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor to ensure colours stay bright. It also performs well under harsh artificial UV light that can be found in offices, restaurants, hotels and shopping centres. We design and manufacture...

  • Artificial Living Walls are ideal for poorly lit, difficult to access spaces rejuvenating them with vibrant, realistic greenery.  Each one is unique in design as they are custom made for you.  This means we can manufacture any size or shape required. We use only the best artificial foliages which look lifelike in interior locations. We design each panel...

  • We now have available an Artificial Living Plant Wall for Hire, we have created it on mesh so that you can temporarily attach your own signage or company logo. The Mesh Panels are foliated with Artificial Green Foliage, we can add colour or Artificial Flowers if required. The Mesh panels can either be secured on to walls or we have a free standing frame...

  • Environments look generally more relaxing and comforting when plants are present, this includes plants on a wall (living wall), plants in pots or interior landscaping. They create: interest and colour, benefits health to people in those areas such as lower blood pressure, reduction in stress levels, an increase in concentration which can be attributed to...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items