Artificial Herbs and Ferns

Artificial Herbs in Pots are becoming an ever increasing request, so we have introduced a range of Small Artificial Plants in Pots that sit perfectly on to Shelving.  The Plant range includes Artificial Herbs, Ferns, Palms and Vines which can be supplied in any of the pots shown or contact us if you have a specific requirement.  We can provide the Herbs in sets or an eclectic mix, contact us for a quote.

For inspiration please visit our Artificial Plants in Pots Gallery.

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  • Herbs in Concrete Pots

    This range of Artificial Herbs in Pots is supplied in Small Concrete Pots which are suitable for Shelving and desktop locations in Pubs, Hotels and Eateries.  The pots are available in two heights and are each supplied pre-potted with a single species of Artificial Herbs, Fern or Succulents.

    If you are looking for some inspiration take a look at our Gallery.

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  • Herbs in Aged Terracotta Pots

    These Aged Terracotta Pots are supplied pre-potted with Artificial Herbs, they are ideal for shelving display units within the Eatery Trade as they add texture, colour and definition to the shelving units.  Either use this range on their own or create an eclectic mix.  Contact us for scheme ideas.

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  • Herbs In Classic Terracotta Pots

    The Classic Terracotta Pots are the fresh clean looking pots without any age detail to them, we supply them potted with an array of fantastic Artificial Herbs, Ferns and grasses.  They look fantastic as a set or mixed up with a range of different style pots as shown in this category for displays on shelves.

    Ideal Location: Pub, Bar, Restaurant walls on decorative or industrial racking units

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  • Eclectic Mix of Pots with Artificial Plants

    Within this range we can source and supply a vast range of different pots planted up with artificial plants.  If you have specific requirements please do get in touch.

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