Artificial Bamboos

We manufacture all of our Artificial Bamboo Trees and have done so for over 30 years.  This gives the added luxury of being able to dictate the height that you require, the style of plant and the colour of cane or pole.  

Artificial bamboo plants can be used to create greenery in interior locations without taking up a lot of space as they are very upright plants.  We can create Bamboo Buddha Trees, Bamboo Bushes or Bamboo Screens which are planted into troughs.

We are able to offer Non-Fire Rated or Fire Rated Artificial foliage that are Fully certified.

As everything we do is Bespoke for you, we have created this Website as Visual Creativity Platform for you to utilize.

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  • Artificial Bamboo Buddha's have the general shape of a tree with a clear stem over half way up which is where the canopy then commences.  We have traditionally built these on Natural Bamboo Poles so that we can drill into them to create the canopy.  The canopy would have a little more density than other styles of Artificial Bamboo that we create, but as...

  • Artificial Bamboo Screens are great for adding low maintenance greenery to any interior location as they take up very little space, they have a soft appearance as the foliage is light and airy. As we provide the Bamboo Screens in Troughs, we can produce any length or height with a light or heavy density foliage count which gives you two completely...

  • We manufacture all of our Bamboo Trees to order, this means that we can manufacture them to any height, different densities of canes and volume of foliage.  All of which give you a completely different look.  In general, the style of this artificial plant has a cluster of stems at different heights lightly foliated so as giving you a light an airy...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items