Cement Planters

These solid looking planters are great for Interior or Exterior Use, they are surprisingly lightweight for their size as they are made from Cement!

Cement Planters are available in so many shapes, styles and colours we can't show them all so we have a small selection on here, but others can be sourced.

We don't hold the planters in stock as there are so many sizes shapes and colours it would be impossible for us to hold them all, but in general, the leadtime is approx 7-10 working days subject to availability.

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  • This Cement Planter has a unique decorative finish as they are finished by hand leaving a textured surface. Although the planter is made from cement, they are relatively lightweight and can be used interior or exterior. 3 possible sizes41x48cm H, Hand Finished (Textured) 5kg 62x74cm H, Hand Finished (Textured) 12kg 95x108cm H, Hand Finished (Textured) 20kg

  • These low round planters are made from Cement, it gives them an industrial look but keeps each one unique in its appearance.  This style provides you with 3 different coloured finishes and 3 sizes to choose from.  They are lightweight for their size and can be used inside or out. Sizes:40x41cm H  10 kg 50x51cm H  15 kg 59x60cm H  20 kg Colours: Rusty...

  • This Tall elegant Planter has all the shape and style you need for an eye catching display either inside or out.  It looks tough and industrial however its on the lighter side being made from cement.Diam 82cm at widest point x 158cm Tall 25kg Colour: Grey or Black Cement, Textured Finish

  • These Tall Round Planters are made of Cement, they have a robust industrial weathered appearance however, they are lightweight.  This makes them a great planter for Interior or Exterior use.Available in 3 Colours, Rust (can stain if wet), Grey or Black Finish: Textured Approx weight 15kg

  • Cement Planters are very popular as they have a robust industrial appearance, but they are surprisingly lightweight.  We have called this planter 'Wire' due to the decorative criss-cross pattern on the surface, which is emphasized by colour and finish.  These Wire Planters can be used Inside or Outside. Available in two colours:Silver Grey Copper Grey...

  • Cement Planters are becoming more common as an alternative to the traditional terracotta.  These decorative hand finished planters are all unique in their finished looked.  They are a universal planter as they can be used both inside and out. 3 possible sizes41x48cm H, Hand Finished (Textured) 5kg 62x74cm H, Hand Finished (Textured) 12kg 95x108cm H,...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items