Polymer Concrete Planters

This is a small range of large strong durable planters that can be used inside or out.  The style of these planters is clean smooth molded shapes.

Polymer Concrete is made from a resin mixed with natural materials such as Basalt, Granite and Quartz.  This material is 100% waterproof and fully frost hardy.

Not all shapes available are shown on our website.

We do not hold these planters in stock, the lead time is approximately 7-10 working days, subject to availability.

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  • This planter is great for use in public areas as not only can it be used as a decorative feature it can also be used as a seat. The Bess Bowl is made from Polymer Concrete which is made from a mould, the composition is resin mixed with Basalt, Granite or Quartz.  The material is highly compressed making it very strong, so it will not wear or hold dirt...

  • This large planter is ideal for public spaces, not only is it impressive because of the sizes available but also because they are strong, durable, dirt resistant, 100% waterproof and frost resistant.  They are made from a resin that is mixed with Granite, Basalt or Quartz which is compressed at high pressure (tensile strength) so they will not wear...

  • This Low Cube is made from a robust resin mix material that has a smooth concrete look.  The planter material is made from Granite, Quartz or Basalt mixed with resin which is compressed at high pressure.  This creates a smooth finish that is wear and dirt resistant, 100% waterproof and frost resistant.Colour: Dark Anthracite of Concrete GreySize: L x...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items