White Rose Flower Arrangament


White Preserved Flower Arrangements are great for adding height to any Reception or Showroom.  Preserved will last for months if not years - virtually maintenance free & no watering required!

In this arrangement: Lilac Rice Flower, Mash Reed, White Roses, Pubescens, Foxtail Fern, Populus & Aralia Leaves.

Approx Diam: 45cm

Approx Height: 70cm

Silver Ceramic Planter Included: 32cmH

Trade Only

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Advantage of Preserved

100% Natural - All of the Hydrangea in this arrangement are Natural Products that have been grown, harvested and preserved.  Each Hydrangea Flower head has been treated with a plant based biodegradable liquid that is Non Toxic.

Long Lasting - As these Natural Flowers are Preserved it means that they require no water or light and they maintain the same look for months or even years dependent on the location.  Preserved products come with no guarantees as to their longevity.

Saving Money - As these Flowers are Preserved they do not require refreshing or changing several times a week and do not require watering.

Realistic Touch - Preserved Flowers are the most Realistic Artificial Flowers you can get, this is because they were a living product.


Preserved Flowers are easy to look after, they require temperatures between 5deg and 25 deg C and areas of high humidity should be avoided.

To keep the product clean just lightly dust regularly (do not use water or liquid cleaning products).

We advise that these products should not be in direct contact with Fabrics or polished surfaces as they may cause staining.

These items are not UV Stable, avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Do not crush, press or fold the petals or foliage.

Do not water or place the preserved flowers or foliage in water.