Rachaels off on a Sabbatical

Published on 08/23/2016

  • Rachaels off on a Sabbatical


Some of my reasons behind this are I have been lucky enough to do lots of travelling and thought it would be great to give something back. Some years ago I did a Tefal course and I have never had chance to use it so finally I can use my English teaching skills.

I have spent lots of time watching the news and documentaries about refuges and it breaks my heart. We are experiencing one of the biggest humanitarian crisis’s in the world and i'm lucky enough to be able to go and help.

How am I getting there?

Bright Green have sponsored me as they have paid for my flights which is amazing and are keeping my job open for me. Its great that they are really supporting my efforts to make a difference.

Have you done anything like this before?

I have never volunteered before so this is going to be a huge experience.  The main challenges I think I will face but I don’t know as until I go its uncertain is the emotional stories I am going to hear, and, perhaps the frustration that more isn’t being done to help them.

What will you be doing out there?

I will be teaching English, but as they don't have any books to learn from its going to be a huge challenge so I want to help by raising money so that i can buy the books before I go on the 26th Sept.  The project needs ESL Graded Learning Books.

So....if you would like to donate anything to help fund the Learning Books here is a link to the Just Giving page or find out more about where i am going click on the gofundme link