Large Blossom Trees

Our Large Artificial Trees are all made to order by hand by us, we can create Large Artificial Blossom Trees to our Standard Spec or bespoke requirements.  We can produce a Tree to fit into a specific space.  We build our Artificial Trees on Coppiced Ash Stems in general, which can be left natural or stained darker.  The Blossom Flowers are either Cream or Pink. 

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The Standard Spec of an Artificial Tree:

Built using 3 Ash Stems, the Artificial Tree Canopy starts half way up the Trunk and is as wide as it is deep.

The measurement of an Artificial Tree is taken from the ground to the top of the foliage.

In general, over 3 meters in height we supply the Artificial Trees in almost kit form so that they can be transported and installed.  This means that when we build them the stems are placed into tubes and the tubes are cemented into place.  The bases are in general 10 cm sq for every meter in height (e.g 4 meters tall = 40 cm square base/foot).

We apply the foliage by drilling holes and the foliage is glued into place.

Artificial Blossom foliage is not inherently flame retardant, however it can be treated (for an additional cost).

We can provide the Artificial Trees with or without a planter, plant them up and install them if required.

To keep artificial trees looking their best we do advise that they are dusted off every 6 months......its amazing how much dust accumulates.