Reindeer Moss Walls

Reindeer Moss Walls and Panels have a different texture and finish to other Moss.  It has a sponge like look and feel in comparison to the velvet touch of Bun and Flat Moss.  The Reindeer Moss is available in several bright bold colours.

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Interior use only

Moss Walls Made in the UK

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Reindeer moss (cladonia rangiferina) is actually a lichen rather than a moss & is ideal for use on Interior Green Walls. It is a natural product that is preserved to retain its soft feel. In its natural state it is an off white colour but it takes dye really well & is available in a range of green & vibrant colours. Maintenance is a light misting with water once or twice a year.  

The Moss Walls can be supplied in any shape & any size, which includes company logos large or small.

We manufacture all of our Green Walls ourselves in our dedicated Straw Barn using a team of staff that have been using Preserved & Artificial Foliages for over 20 years.

We use Reindeer moss to make pictures, panels, logos and letters.