Longifolia Trees


Artificial Trees made with Artificial Longifolia Foliage.  This foliage is long and finger like rather than rounded leaves.  We use real wooden stems and build to a standard or custom specification to suit any interior location.  A standard artificial tree is measured from the ground to the top of the foliage for the height, the foliage starts half way up the stem and is as wide as it is deep.

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The Artificial Longifolia foliage is based on the live Ficus Longifolia Plants......however if you have a poorly lit location a Live Ficus Tree just won't survive so our Replica Longifolia Trees make a very realistic alternative option.

We build our artificial trees and Bushes on real wood stems that have been coppiced locally and treated with preservative.  In general we manufacture the Longifolia Trees using 3 ash stems.  Our pricing is based on a standard shapped tree.

We can manufacture to custom measurements if you have a specific requirement, for example: Canopy to have a flat back to go against a wall, to have a flat canopy that just touches the ceiling, the canopy to be as wide as the tree is tall or wider than the tree is tall or even to be built on a single stem.  If you do have any questions please do contact us to discuss your needs emily@brightgreen.co.uk   01295 750077