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As we are a UK Manufacturer of Artificial Topiary, we can provide you with Bespoke Made Items from Hedges, Letters, and Words, animals and people to any shape or size.  Below are just some examples of what is possible - we very rarely say no!

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  • We have been manufacturing artificial topiary for many years which includes shapes and lettering.  Each piece is bespoke made for your requirements using different sorts of frames dependent on the location.  All of the Boxwood foliage that we use is UV stable. Trade Only

  • Within our Topiary section we thought this Artificial Bay Espalier Tree fits in well.  As we manufacture to order we can create any size or width and supply it potted ready for use on site.

  • As we manufacture all of our Artificial Bay Trees, we can create not only the standard shapes like The Standard (Lollipop), Cone and Cubes but we can also manufacture Spirals. We use only the best Artificial Foliage and use Sustainably Sourced Stems that are cut from Managed Woodlands.  In general we build on Ash, however for upright topiary we also use...

  • In our opinion, this is the best Artificial Boxwood Ball you can get. It is natural in appearance and has the most realistic colour tones and a good 3D shaggy shape.  Advise us on the size required so that we can quote you. This foliage also matches our Buxus hedging if you wish to combine shapes.

  • Artificial Boxwood Topiary Cones have a tight round shape that tapers up from the base to the top.  They are a great alternative to Boxwood Spirals and look just as good as a pair either side of your entrance door.  As we manufacture these to order any size is possible, please contact us with your requirements so that we can provide you with a quote....

  • These Artificial Boxwood Cubes are made to order so any size is possible.  Please contact us for a quote.

  • Artificial boxwood pyramids are a great alternative to cones, spirals and cubes. The images are of our deluxe boxwood foliage but we can manufacture this in the natural more rustic type, this would mean that the shape would not be quite as shape due to the nature of this foliage. Any size possible just advise us on the size require so we can quote you....

  • The Artificial Boxwood Topiary Bush is a great item for adding colour and texture to an entrance area or outside eating area.  They can be made to any height or diameter and can be provided potted in any decorative planter that suits the style of the location.  Contact us to discuss your requirements or send us your Spec.

  • The Artificial Boxwood 'Standard' Topiary can be made to order to any height or diameter head as we manufacture to order.  The term Standard is defined by the long clear wooden stem.  To complete the display we can provide the Boxwood Standard in a decorative planter to complete the look.  Contact us for a quote

  • Artificial Triple Ball Buxus Topiary gives a very classic look to a front entrance of a building, they can be supplied planted up in planters varying in styles to complete the look.  As we manufacture we can create the Artificial Topiary to any height, with the topiary balls varying in diameter or all the same.  Contact us for a quote.

  • Artificial Topiary Trees are a great addition to terrace areas, Artificial Olive Trees look particularly good in alfresco dining areas.   As we manufacture out Artificial Trees, we can build the Artificial Olive Trees to any size and supply them prepotted ready for use.

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