Japanese Bamboo Trees

We manufacture all of our Bamboo Trees to order, this means that we can manufacture them to any height, different densities of canes and volume of foliage.  All of which give you a completely different look.  In general, the style of this artificial plant has a cluster of stems at different heights lightly foliated so as giving you a light and airy appearance.

We can build them on Natural or Dark canes which provide you with two contrasting finishes, this harnessed with different styles of the decorative planter can give you a simple or sublime display. 

Take a look at just a sample range of possible decorative planters here, other styles and finishes possible. 

Additional Information 

  • Interior Grade
  • Foliage can be Fire Retardant or Non-Fire Retardant
  • Foliage Colour: Green
  • Custom made to order