Artificial High Level Planting Displays

Artificial Plants at high level soften the visual lines, they are very popular within public and leisure areas such as Hotels, Restaurants, Spa's and Shopping Centres. 

As we manufacture we can create the displays in many different ways, which include directly into trough planters or just as drop-ins that sit into a recess.  The types of foliage can vary in style too, from bushy to upright to trailing...or mix them.  The other guiding factor will be if the artificial foliage needs to be fire retardant, this can limit the types of foliage available but fire retardant styles of foliage are continuously increasing.

Additional Information

  • Planting styles and themes are customisable
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Foliage can be Non-FR, FR or UV
  • Interior or exterior grade possible
  • Trough planters can be supplied