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Statement Olive Trees


A single statement olive tree is often all that is needed to create an awe-inspiring landscape. With over 35 years of experience our skilled team of tree builders have built a wealth of elegant artificial olive trees in all shapes and canopy sizes. With their incredibly realistic appearance they have the visual impact of their live counterparts without the maintenance, lighting requirements and likely replacement costs associated with real plants. 

 Many of the artificial trees we build are destined for commercial locations and we understand how important fire safety can be. Olive trees can be created with fire resistant foliage for ultimate peace of mind. Outdoor trees are built with UV resistant foliage to ensure the canopy won’t fade in the sun and will look vibrant for years to come.  

For smaller or ceiling olive trees our talented team build on real ash stems from managed woodland. Real olive trunks are selected for our statement olive trees to ensure complete authenticity. We always endeavour to source these gorgeous gnarly trunks from olive trees that do not have dense enough foliage for resale. Artificial olive trees made using these real olive trunks can be built up to 3 metres in height, for taller trees a fabricated trunk is used. All the real wood trunks that we build with are treated. 

Additional branches are added to these real trunks to create the desired canopy width. A variety of different types of canopy can be crafted from natural looking to more densely foliated. The ceiling canopy is currently on trend with wide spreading shimmering silver foliage but shallow depth. These interior trees have canopies that can be walked or even sat under for an immersive Mediterranean experience.

Bespoke olives trees can even be built to feature in banquet seating where the trunks are bolted onto plywood tops as shown in the video above. These trees can be shaped to give a full circular canopy to sit beneath or set against the wall climbing up from behind the banquet seating to extend across the ceiling. A popular choice in restaurants to give diners the relaxed ambience of eating beneath the olive tree’s delicate foliage whilst preserving valuable floor space.   


Artificial Olive Tree built on a real wood Olive trunk with fire rated fola


These stylish trees look fantastic as part of an earthy Mediterranean artificial landscape coupled with classical lavender and rosemary planting to transport you to warmer climates. Unlike other landscapers Bright Green manage the whole process from design to manufacture and final installation to ensure the most flawless finish for your project. Contact our team today to discuss how we can create an incredibly realistic and utterly unique olive focal point for your project.