Washingtonia Palm


We manufacture all of our Artificial Palm Trees to order so we can build to custom specifications such as tapered or curved trunks, single, double or even treble stems are also possible.

In general, for the trunks, we used individual sections of natural Boot Husk which gives the most authentic look you can get.  We can supply the palms on base plates or non-decorative ballasted planters that can be dropped into a recessed floor pit or into a decorative planter.

For the most realistic look, we used Preserved Washingtonia Leaves that have been grown specially to be harvested and preserved.  The preserving agents are natural and non-toxic, it includes glycerine and dye which are taken into the leaf through osmosis replacing the water cell structure.  As these leaves are preserved, they need no water but they do need a regular room temperature and stable humidity otherwise this can cause the glycerine cell structure to collapse and bleed dye (which may stain).

Additional Information 

  • Interior use
  • Foliage is Preserved (longevity is not guaranteed)
  • Minimum trunk Diam 27cm
  • Overall Height from 3m-10m
  • Foliage is Fire Retardant
  • Foliage Colour: Green 
  • Custom made to order