Cloud Trees


Our Cloud Trees are all hand made in our workshop, each one is designed specifically for you.  We can manufacture on various types of wood which can include Grape Wood, Coffee Wood, Manzanita, Black Thorn and Hawthorn as they are all gnarly and textural. 

The types of foliage used can also be very custom and it can include some types of preserved like juniper, eucalyptus or pittosporum or some more architectural artificial foliages.

The finished shape of a Cloud Tree is strongly dictated to us by the natural wood stems, however, with some clever woodwork, we can come close to specifications and briefs.

Cloud Trees can be built to almost any size, the smaller they are you may call them Bonsai, but we think the larger the better which really allows for some beautiful aged wooden stems to be used.

Additional Information 

  • Interior Grade
  • Foliage can be Fire Retardant or Non-Fire Retardant
  • Custom made to order