Ficus Trees


Artificial Ficus Trees are one the 'Original' styles of tree, it is still widely used and looks good on Small or Large Trees.  It is also a type of foliage that accepts additions such as Artificial Fruit if required.

We have manufactured many different shapes and styles of artificial tree over the years with Ficus Foliage, traditionally we would manufacture on Ash stems for this foliage however, because of the lovely shape and colour of the leaves it would not look out of place on gnarly stems such as Blackthorn and Hawthorn if you were looking for chunkier stems.

We manufacture Artificial Trees in every shape and size; from small trees for offices to giant specimens for atria.  

Additional Information 

  • Interior Grade
  • Foliage can be Fire Retardant or Non-Fire Retardant
  • Foliage Colour: Green
  • Stem Styles: Single real wood, Multi real wood, open habitat real wood or replica stem
  • Custom made to order