Fruited Olive Trees


Artificial Olive Trees are a great addition to interior locations such as Restaurants or exterior alfresco areas.

We manufacture each Olive Tree to order, so each one is unique.  In general, we build on Ash stems as this is the closest match in colour to the real thing, the stems can be single or multi depending on the shape and style you require.  If you are looking for an older style Artificial Olive Tree, we can build on Hawthorn so that the old gnarly stem adds to the authenticity.

The Foliage we use creates a lovely light and airy tree, however, we can make the denser if required, the foliage can have Fruit or no fruit also.  

Additional Information 

  • Interior or Exterior Grade (not all heights are possible for exterior)
  • Foliage can be Fire Retardant or UVFR
  • Foliage Colour: Grey Green (with or without Fruit)
  • Stem Styles: Single real wood, Multi real wood, open habitat real wood or replica stem
  • Custom made to order