Maple Trees


Maple Trees are a great decorative Artificial Tree due to the colour and shape of the foliage. The foliage is generally available in Burgundy, Green or Green with a Red Vein running through the leaves. 

If you choose to have the Burgundy foliage, we can also stain the stems darker so that it really emphasises it.

As we build each tree to order we can produce different shapes to suit different environments such as the open habitat or layered style which suit this style of foliage so well.

Additional Information 

  • Interior Grade
  • Foliage can be Fire Retardant or Non-Fire Retardant
  • Foliage Colour: Green, Burgundy or Green-Red
  • Stem Styles: Single real wood, Multi real wood, open habitat real wood or replica stem
  • Custom made to order