Bougainvillea Tree


This is one of our Artificial Blossom Trees, it is different from the traditional Cherry and Apple Blossom as historically there is more Foliage than Flowers. The new Bougainvillea Foliage has changed, it has far more flower heads than leaves now....and it is stunning.

The Bougainvillea Blossom Petals are shaped like a leaf which gives you a completely different look.

Bougainvillea is an ornamental vine style tree, which would have over time a gnarly stem.  We can emulate this when we build this artificial tree using Hawthorn or Blackthorn stems.

We have the experience and skill to build any shape and any height tree to suit your requirements.

Additional Information 

  • Interior Grade
  • Foliage is Non-Fire Retardant
  • Foliage Colour: Green with Pink or White Flowers
  • Stem Styles: Single real wood, Multi real wood, open habitat real wood or replica stem
  • Custom made to order