Preserved Conifer


Preserved conifers are real plants that have been preserved with natural ingredients so that they no longer need water or light to survive. They still smell just like a living Conifer Tree!

Plants up to 2 metres in height are a single conifer, over 2 metres in height are made to order.

They are generally for Interior use, however, if you have a very sheltered location where they will not get too wet they could be used outside however they hold no guarantees as to their longevity.  Once outside they must stay outside as the temperature and humidity needs to remain stable otherwise they can leach/bleed the dye which can stain

Additional Information 

  • Mainly Interior use
  • Foliage can be Artificial or Preserved
  • Preserved Foliage is Non-Fire Retardant and can not be treated
  • Foliage Colour: Green 
  • Custom made to order  

Height?Custom made to order, almost any height possible