Preserved Topiary


If you are looking for an eye-catching form of interior decoration within your Hotel, Restaurant or Reception Atria then have you thought about Preserved Topiary?

We create interior topiary using Preserved Foliage, Leaves or even Flower Heads.  By following a design brief we can create a wide spectrum of shapes to almost any size which is enhanced by the colour and texture of the Preserved Leaves or Flowers.

Preserved Plants and Flowers have been grown, harvested and preserved with natural ingredients that are non-toxic and includes glycerine and dye.  The Glycerine replaces the water cell structure and the dye colours the plant so that it remains.

Preserved displays require no water, just a light dusting to clean them.

Preserved Plants do need to be kept at constant room temperature and stable humidity, otherwise, this can upset the preserving agents and they have been known to bleed dye, which may stain.

We can use Artificial Leaves, Flowers and Foliages as an alternative if required.

Additional Information 

  • Interior use
  • Preserved Foliage (delicate), no guarantee to longevity
  • Preserved Foliage is Non-Fire Retardant
  • Foliage Colour: Various 
  • Custom made to order