Artificial Plants

Gone are the days of faux foliage with papery plastic leaves and flowers with lurid colour combinations. Artificial planting has moved on. Our bespoke fake planting schemes look so realistic that you might find yourself checking that your new landscape doesn’t require watering!

Artificial planting is an ideal solution for locations that are difficult to access, exposed to the elements or perhaps have limited sunlight exposure. We are highly skilled in working with designers to transform a variety of commercial spaces into vibrant green landscapes without the maintenance that live planting demands.

Committed to Quality

We use only the finest quality artificial foliage, chosen for its utmost realism.  We source from all over the world so that if we supply you with a white orchid you can be confident it is the best available.

The artificial foliage that we use for our outdoor projects is UV stable, so the lush green environments we create are long lasting, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Working in the commercial sector we understand that fire safety is paramount and can use fire retardant leaves and foliage in our bespoke designs and provide certification when needed. As we manage the whole process end to end from the initial design concept to build and final installation you can be assured that all aspects of your project are safe in our experienced hands.