We all love the thought of real plants outside but sometimes they simply aren’t practical.  If access or light levels are limited, environmental conditions are challenging or if watering is problematic then a replica planting scheme brings greenery where live planting just couldn’t survive.

The most important factor to consider with outdoor artificial planting is UV stability, to ensure your plants are colour safe and won’t fade or turn a rather unattractive shade of blue. Just because a plant has plastic leaves doesn’t mean it will be automatically resistant to UV light. Faux plants for exterior use must have a UV stabiliser injected during the manufacturing process which absorbs the harmful UV light to protect the plastic’s colour and structure. Any exterior plant that we supply will be UV resistant to ensure that your planting scheme will continue to look great no matter what the weather.

Trees & Topiary

Whether a project calls for a feature olive tree or a series of smaller bay topiary lollipops our experienced team can build bespoke exterior artificial trees from 1 to 4 metres in height. It is important to choose the right location for artificial trees and topiary as windy conditions can be unsuitable for larger trees where stability needs to be carefully considered. Our design team are always happy to discuss the best options for your site with you.

Take a look at our Artificial Tree and Artificial Topiary pages for more information and examples of our work.


Tall planted troughs are incredibly popular with restaurants to give privacy to outdoor seating areas and to hide unsightly views on roof tops.  Our team can plant them with single species grasses for a contemporary feel or with a mixture of shrubs and vines with optional seasonal colour for a softer look.

We have a wide range of styles of trough and can even arrange signage on them to promote your business.


We are very proud of the quality of our bespoke artificial hedges, the craftmanship that goes into them is unsurpassed. Our expert team can design and manufacture hedges in boxwood (buxus) and bay to any length, depth or height. The handmade hedges we create can be straight, stepped or curved, set into planters or fixed directly to the floor or wall.  Short length hedges are made as single units whereas longer hedges are made in sections for easy transportation and then invisibly joined on site. 

Depending on the finish required we can build on a fixed frame which gives a precise clipped finish, or on natural stems for a more relaxed and natural appearance.  Visit our Topiary & Hedges page to see the range of styles we have created.

Get in touch with our design team to discuss your outdoor artificial landscape.

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