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Green Walls

Bright Green are the pioneers of artificial green walls. In 2011 we developed the concept of green walls made with replica and preserved plants and remain the market leaders. We are constantly using our extensive knowledge to push the boundaries in vertical gardening and produce innovative designs using the highest quality foliage to deliver ultra-realistic green walls.

Handcrafted Artificial Green Walls

Every bespoke artificial green wall that we produce is unique, individually designed and crafted for its specific location. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure their green vision becomes a reality and we exceed the expectations of the brief. Made in sections our green walls are fixed together and hand finished on site making them easy to transport and install as well as ensuring a flawless finish. As we manage the whole process in-house from initial design to build and installation, we have complete control and can ensure that each project runs smoothly and to budget whether it’s UK based or overseas.

Indoor Artificial Green Walls


These interior green walls are handcrafted using a wide range of foliage from the tropical style with large leaves, long vines and hot colours to a more temperate design with ivies and lush ferns. Working with both fabric and preserved foliage we are able to build stunningly naturalistic green walls that require very little maintenance with no need for light or water.

Working in the commercial sector we understand the importance of safety and can produce inherently fire-resistant foliated panels with certification as needed. As we provide a complete end to end service you can be assured that all aspects of the project are in our experienced hands.

Outdoor Artificial Green Walls

Our green walls are built on a recycled board or mesh with quality materials that can cope with whatever weather the seasons bring, they have even been wind tested to 70 miles an hour. To ensure a long-lasting lush green look, the foliage has been UV stabilised.

Exterior green walls can be single species, mixed foliage with a palette of green and variegated foliage or even incorporate a flowering element. Our bespoke service means that you can create the exact tapestry of green and colour that you need to transform the space.

Each wall is meticulously designed, and hand crafted to look as good as the real thing.

Get in touch with our skilled team to discuss your project.

Ready-made panels


Although we are bespoke specialists, we do offer ready-made green wall panels with a lush mix of foliage measuring 1 metre square. These panels are woven with incredibly lifelike greenery that is both fire and UV resistant, ideal for both interior and exterior installations where budget might be limited.

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