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High Level Plants

The last few years have seen an explosion of interest in high-level and hanging plants. This is where artificial planting excels as access to water, issues with weight, space, light and maintenance costs generally prevent the use of live plants.

Gone are the times when there was only a limited range of artificial trailing vines to choose from and if you didn’t want ivy the options were even narrower. Now our skilled team have so many leaves, types of foliage and colours to create our landscapes with, that anything is possible. Vines can be classic, English, tropical, succulents or ferns and they range from short trails to over 3 metres in length. By adding large upright ferns, spider plants, palms and grasses to our displays we can create truly spectacular high-level planting schemes on ledges, fixed to fascias, ceiling and raft planting and hanging baskets.

Having crafted artificial landscapes for leading designers and brands for over 35 years we have the experience to work closely with you to achieve the desired look. Unlike other landscapers we manage the whole process end to end from the initial design concept to build and final installation so that all aspects of your project are safe in our experienced hands. Our skilled installation team is fully site compliant with all necessary qualifications to work at height.

High Level

High level planting is bang on trend at the moment and our experienced team have designed and created countless schemes.

These can range from a simple eclectic selection of planters of differing styles, planted with a range of trailing and upright plants designed to look like they have been acquired over a long time, to high level troughs filled with massed asparagus plants or a continuous run of mixed ferns and vines to soften an atrium.

Many of the high-level artificial planting schemes we create are premade in our workshop with the final dressing taking place when they are installed on site to ensure a flawless finish. This approach makes our bespoke planting schemes the most realistic and naturalistic available.


Where floor space is limited interior designers are increasingly adding greenery to walls and across ceilings.

This has the advantage of giving an extra dimension to spaces, keeps the planting well away from the public and removes the additional cost of planters. One of our most popular solutions is to attach artificial vines to real old man’s beard vines, which have been sourced locally from managed woodlands, to create the most natural looking ceiling landscape. 

We can use a range of artificial foliage in our ceiling displays from ivies, grape vine, trailing ferns and bougainvillea to name just a few. Our skilled team can also build trees that attach to walls with canopies that reach over and across the ceiling for dramatic impact. Take a look at our Artificial Tree page for examples.

Raft Planting

Raft planting is similar in style to ceiling vines, but the foliage drops vertically rather than running horizontally along the ceiling.

We use individual sprays of foliage and flowers attached to either a mesh or fire rated board fixed onto the ceiling.  Trail lengths and density are determined by the height of the ceiling and the effect desired. The end result is truly stunning.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are back in vogue and when you have a large space to fill, they can offer a tremendously effective and surprisingly economic solution. 

We have created a variety of sizes of hanging baskets from larger schemes with giant bespoke metal framed baskets that are over 2 metres in diameter with huge artificial palms and vines trailing down over 2 metres.

To groupings of shallow fibreglass bowls hung at differing heights and asymmetrically planted with succulents and even simple tiny ceramic bowls with ferns.  We can advise on design, styles and fixing details and our install team will install at any height.


These bespoke hanging Japanese moss balls create a big impact whilst taking up minimal space.

Our team can build kokedama to any size, covering polystyrene spheres with real preserved flat moss and adding artificial ferns, vines, adianthum, monstera, pilea, orchids and succulents. They are light in weight and very easy to fix to any ceiling type.

Fire Rating

As many of our planting schemes are for the commercial sector, fire rating can be a major consideration.

We can work with you to select foliages that will comply with the fire risk assessment.

Outdoor Artificial Vines

Many of the vines that we offer are designed for exterior use, being extremely robust and holding their colour well.  This means we can create vine covered pergolas for outdoor seating areas and colourful hanging baskets that will remain vibrant and won’t need daily watering in the summer. 

Take a look through our Inspiration Gallery to see how our hanging landscapes can create colour and texture at height.

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