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Moss Walls

Bright Green were the first to bring vertical moss walls to the UK market and we have completed over 200 moss wall projects.

A moss wall is the perfect way to transport the beauty and benefits of nature into a commercial space without the added commitment of maintenance. These decorative walls are made from moss which has been harvested sustainably and preserved with natural ingredients that replace the water in the cell structure. They don’t need light or water and are built to last for years. As well as creating a real focal point in your space they also offer great acoustic insulation which can be a real benefit for reducing noise pollution in busy locations.

Every bespoke moss wall we produce is handcrafted in our nursery in Oxfordshire and our skilled logistics team can install anywhere in the country and overseas.

Styles of Moss Walls

As each moss wall is handmade you can choose from single species bun or reindeer moss and we can create patterns with geometric or organic shapes and even include bark, leaves, stems, seed heads and foliage. Moss walls also make an excellent background for company logo signage.

Moss letters and logos are a great way to add colour and texture to interior walls. We can build these bespoke pieces in a cookie cutter style, where the moss is used to infill each letter so that it projects off the wall or fill a flat template with moss to create a flush design.

With over 30 years in the industry we have the expertise to bring your moss wall designs to life. Take a look through our inspiration gallery to see the huge variety of styles of moss walls and art that we have crafted over the years.

Bun Moss Walls

Bun moss is our most popular moss wall.  Its vibrant and contemporary appearance has made it the green wall of choice for architects and designers. 

Also know as pole moss, the bun moss that we select is sustainably harvested under licence in Europe and preserved with a natural green dye to give it a fabulous apple green colour.  Although no longer growing the preserved bun moss retains the soft, natural qualities of live moss.

Theses pieces of moss are pinned and glued onto a back board to create the wall.  Getting a seamless finish takes real skill and these 
hand-crafted moss walls are built by our team of experts.

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer moss isn’t actually a moss but a lichen and is a staple food for Reindeers in northern Europe.  In its natural state it is a pale neutral colour but dyes very well.  We can create these walls in a range of green shades as well as 12 other colours.   

A reindeer moss wall is more even in appearance than bun moss and is a popular choice for creating patterning or company logos. 

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Large moss walls are created in panels which are joined together, and hand finished on site to ensure a flawless finish.

We can also supply smaller complete moss art pieces which are ready framed to make a big impact where space or budget can be limited.


Preserved moss should only be used inside as it must be kept out of cold or humid locations. In direct sunlight it may fade slightly like fabric, but it can easily be refreshed with a natural spray.

As we have worked within the commercial sector for decades, we understand the importance fire safety and can also create bespoke fireproof moss panels.

Get in touch with our skilled team today to discuss how we can transform your space with these vibrant green walls.

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