The tropical look is very much on trend and bigger is better in our opinion as we are specialists in building large artificial palm trees. If you are looking for a large fake palm tree over 2 metres in height, then your options for ready-made trees are incredibly limited. At Bright Green our expert team of artificial tree builders have experience spanning overs 35 years and can create artificial palm trees that are up to 10 metres in height, with canopies spanning 4 metres using preserved palm leaves . They can build palms with straight or curved trunks and with single or multiple heads. 

How are our artificial palm trees constructed?

Palm leaves and trunk

These dramatic fan shaped Washingtonia leaves or long and delicate phoenix fronds are preserved in the United States and Mexico using glycerine so that they remain soft and flexible whilst also being fire resistant and treated with insecticide to ensure they are bug proof. In fact, all elements of our faux palm trees can be fire rated if required. 

A Bright Green bespoke artificial palm tree starts life with a central steel core which can be shaped to give a realistic finish to the tree. This core is then covered with palm bakla (matting) and individual pieces of boot husk (the actual palm tree trunking) are attached over the bakla to give an incredibly natural look. A hand turned wooden head enveloped in sisal is fixed at the top of the tree. The head is crafted to match the proportions of the tree and has channels carved into it at 45-degree angles. The preserved palm leaves are then slotted into these channels to create a natural looking canopy.  


Our large artificial palm trees can be assembled on site with trunk, head and leaves in separate sections, making access and the installation process much easier. The detachable leaves can easily be changed for different foliage should you want a new look or removed if they require cleaning. The metal core ensures our palm trees have structural integrity and can be set within planters or resin bolted to concrete floors to give the impression the tree is growing from the ground itself. We can create trees with single or multiple stems. 

Palm trees with preserved leaves are only suitable for interior use in a heated space. If they become too cold the preserved leaves will start to drip green glycerine as reverse osmosis takes place. In direct sunlight the leaves can fade slightly over time but are easily replaceable as they are detachable. The leaves can cope with up to 60% humidity and have been used in commercial pools very successfully.  

Expert tree builders

Our team will always recommend the most suitable artificial plants for your space and look that you want to achieve. Building bespoke means we have the flexibility to create dense artificial palms with over 50 leaves for larger spaces or we can reduce the canopy size for smaller venues and budgets. 6ft or 7ft artificial palm trees are a breeze for us to build. Each tree and canopy shape are specifically designed for their new home. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your project. 

If you are looking for smaller artificial palms we can supply incredibly realistic floor standing and table top displays for commercial spaces and have a selection for you to browse in our online shop.


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