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Table Top

Whilst we all love the thought of pots of live abundant ferns, trailing vines and vibrant  herbs the reality can be disappointing as poor light levels, haphazard watering and tricky access all too often lead to sad, bedraggled plants. 

Bright Green have become the supplier of choice for artificial table and shelf plants for restaurants, offices and retailers.

Our skilled team can produce a huge variety of displays from extraordinarily lifelike herbs (try not to eat the basil) in aged terracotta or simple concrete pots, long trailing vines to sit on high shelves, amazing succulents, ultrarealistic ferns with brown tips to mimic live plants and even simple grasses to give a contemporary feel.


Eclectic Selection

Many of our clients trust us to create a range for them. The most popular being our eclectic selection which generally includes a variety of artificial ferns, small palms, bushes, grasses, succulents and vines in a mix of different sizes in a wide range of planters. Together they create a charming planting scheme that looks like it has been added to over the years – just as you would have at home.

We understand how important logistics can be for our retail clients and are able to deliver to a single location or ship directly to individual stores to arrive on a specific day.

Fire Resistant

If fire rating is required, we can easily tailor your scheme with a variety of high quality fire-resistant artificial plants in our range.

Some of our more popular artificial plant packages are now available from our online shop, but if you would like us to create a specific range please speak to our design team.

Take a look through our Inspiration Gallery to see the variety of bespoke tabletop pieces we have created.

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