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Hanging planting really is on trend at the moment and Bright Green can offer an extensive range of bespoke hanging baskets and troughs planted with long trailing vines and succulents that will give a stylish new dimension to any restaurant, hotel or atrium space.

When specifying live plants for high-level displays it’s essential to ensure that they’re practical. Light levels need to be good for many vines to thrive and it’s important to consider access for watering and maintenance. With 30 years of experience designing and installing planting schemes, we can advise you on the most sensible approach. From motorised pully systems for large hanging baskets to setting up watering systems for high level troughs to ensure you won’t have to worry about watering from ladders. We even offer an optional maintenance scheme, visiting regularly to water, clean and tend to your plants to keep them looking their best.

Create vertical impact

To create vertical impact in commercial spaces we mix vines such as philodendron scandens and scindapsus together with classics such as spider plants and ferns to give height as well as trail.  We are also increasingly using long trailing succulents to give a more contemporary feel. We will work closely with businesses, interior designers and architects to design, deliver and install displays that will create a wow factor in your commercial space.

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