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Large Plants

Plants bring a welcome splash of greenery into any interior space and help to keep us in touch with the natural world. Not only making spaces more appealing and alive, they also play a role in overall health lowering stress and increasing productivity.

We have been designing and maintaining live planting schemes for offices, hotels, atria and showrooms for over 30 years. Our team of horticultural experts can create bespoke planting schemes that will both enhance and thrive in your commercial space.

Make a Statement

Large plants make a statement and current trends in interior design favour large leafy plants such as monstera and philodendron that give a tropical feel. But all-time classics such as kentia palms are always popular, particularly in hotels where they create a sense of grandeur.  In larger reception areas or atria, where light allows, giant specimen trees or palms can be installed to dominate.

Or where space is limited, tall and narrow dracaenas are a perfect solution and they also thrive in darker corridors. Whatever your space and brief our skilled team have the knowledge and design expertise to create large bespoke planting schemes that will flourish and enhance your environment.

Bespoke Displays

Bespoke plant displays can be purchased outright or rented and we also offer full maintenance service, visiting regularly to care for the plants and ensure they are healthy, happy and looking great.

Our team of experts make adding even the largest of living plants to your environment simple and seamless. We can assess the space, design, install and even maintain living plant displays. Managing the process end to end you can be certain your project is safe in our experienced hands.

Get in touch with our design team to discuss a large live planting scheme.

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