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Blending artificial with live planting


Market, a professional coworking workspace, contacted Bright Green after they had live planting installed in their office by another company. Sadly, the plants that had been positioned in the middle of the workspace didn’t have enough sunlight to survive leaving a rather barren feature. Our team came to the rescue selecting a variety of exotic artificial plants to create a display that would complement the remaining live scheme and revive this darker area. Incredibly lifelike palms, ferns, banana and pachira tree were planted into the existing trough to reinvigorate the space as shown in the image below.

Our talented team carefully selected artificial plants that would blend in well with the surviving planting but in contrast to its live counterparts this display won’t require any maintenance and will happily sit in the darkest area of the office.  The success of any planting scheme depends largely on choosing the right plant for the environmental conditions. 

Mix of live and artificial Market Office light

We understand that live planting has real health benefits such as improving air quality, but artificial planting can have the same visual impact in locations where live plants just won’t thrive, where access to light and water are limited. Bright Green often create mixed landscapes using live planting at ground level where access for maintenance is easier and then artificial planting for high level displays and darker locations. Our team have the experience and expertise to advise on the planting that is best suited for your space.  

 Often the time and maintenance commitment of live planting can mean it isn’t feasible even in locations where it would thrive. Artificial planting provides the perfect solution to greening up a space with minimal maintenance, ensuring it looks lush and vibrant for many years to come.

Live and artificial planting Mapp Office