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Located in the centre of Cambridge this McMullen pub is a truly unique space to meet, drink, eat and revel. Bright Green were delighted to work with the McMullen designer to create the artificial landscaping for this traditional pub with a twist. Formerly the Arts Cinema this building would house an intimate fringe theatre on the top floor and the planting scheme needed to embrace the drama and vitality of the new venue. Taking the building back to its roots in a refreshing and contemporary way.

From the approach the bespoke high-level trough planting with its zesty, lime foliage pops out against the darker façade to give the building a vibrant feel. Whilst the darker green tones of the foliage featured in the artificial green walls on the terrace area, which mask the doors and windows of the new theatre space, blend in beautifully with the colour tones. Setting the stage before patrons have even entered the building, these artificial planting schemes create maximum impact with minimal maintenance.

The artificial foliage for the interior was spontaneously interwoven in situ around the beams to soften the exposed brickwork. This wild and naturalistic look complements the industrial design to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Both the exterior and interior planting schemes have been thoughtfully incorporated into the overall striking design to create an enticing, destination location.

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