Stele Tall Slim Square


This stylish tall square planter is made from reinforced natural cement, so they look and feel just like a smooth stone. The Stele Planters are available in two heights making them great for grouping arrangements or single stand-alone displays which would be just as eye-catching due to their shape and size.

Due to the height of these planters they have been made with an intermediate base (false base) which aids planting, they also have a counterweight in the base which provides additional stability.  

They can be used inside or out as they are frost resistant.  If they are to be used outside a drainage hole will need to be drilled into the false base (there is already one in the counterweight.

These planters are also available with quadratic stainless steel bases, they provide more stability for the tall planters.


  • Natural Concrete or Anthracite (Dark grey)

Sizes (LxWxH):

  • 23x23x114cm H  40Kg
  • 23x23x160cm H  47Kg